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Our 17 courses are listed below by subject.
All courses carry 3 graduate credits and have an individual course price of $350.

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Both Drake and Andrews University allow one year to complete course work or you can turn in your work as soon as you compete it.

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3rd & 4th Courses: $330

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We invite you to visit our new Support Page where you will find answers to frequently asked questions on subjects that include where to send you completed course work and how to obtain transcripts and extensions.


QEP no longer supplies course textbooks. You can obtain texts from school or public libraries, borrow them from colleagues, or purchase them online. QEP will supply publisher information and ISBN numbers to help you secure texts. Course of Study workbooks can be downloaded at no charge and course DVDs will be sent to you via First Class mail.

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QEP courses now form the basis of two online Master of Education degrees from Graceland University. You have your choice of a degree in Differentiated Instruction, or a new degree in Classroom Management. Enrollment is open year-round, courses start every nine weeks, and there is no residency requirement. The tuition cost for either degree is $13,500.00. Financial aid is available.

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Classroom Management and Discipline

Teaching Students Responsible Behavior

Learn to implement a proven approach to improving student behavior.

The Classroom of Choice

Learn how to manage an orderly, positive, and productive classroom.

Teaching Students Responsible Behavior II

Learn how to teach your students social-emotional skills and improve behavior.

Dealing with Discipline Problems

Learn to help troubled students plan for improved behavior.

Differentiated Instruction

Differentiation and Literacy

Learn how differentiation can best be used to teach reading and writing.

An Introduction to Differentiation

Learn the basics of differentiation from author and expert Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson.

Differentiated Assessment Strategies

Learn how to accurately assess your students’ progress and plan for success.

Differentiated Instructional Strategies

Learn how to recognize and accommodate various learning styles.


Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom

Responsibility and Relationships

Responsibility, Respect, and Relationships

Learn how to create an emotional safety net to support troubled students.

Teaching in the 21st Century

Learn how to teach to varying learning styles and strengths.

Teaching Strategies

Every Student Can Succeed

Learn how to create and implement engaging lessons and activities.

Improving Student Achievement

Learn how to increase your students’ comprehension and retention levels.

Teaching in the Quality Classroom

Learn how to teach your students to do their best work.

Cooperation and the Quality Classroom

Learn to use cooperative learning strategies to encourage quality work.

Parental Support

Strategies for Building Home-School Partnerships

Learn how to better prepare for and conduct parent conferences.

Professional Portfolios

Creating a Professional Portfolio

Learn how to create a portfolio that showcases your knowledge and skills.