How Our Courses Work

* Register Online
* Obtain course textbook if necessary. Not all courses require a text.
* Download Course of Study workbook. You will need Microsoft Word to open documents.
* Download University Information letter.
* Receive DVDs via First Class Mail.
* Complete the course work at your own pace.
* Send your course work to the university for grading.
* Most teachers complete course work in 8 weeks.



* Study at home or at school.
* Complete course work at your convenience.
* Watch master teachers put course content into action. 
* Learn practical techniques that will benefit you and your students.
* Earn valuable graduate credit at a reasonable price.
* Provide proven, workable solutions to everyday problems.



"Of immense value personally and 
"Without a doubt the best course on
behavior I have taken."
"Fantastic! Wonderful! Every educator needs
this course!" 
"Exciting, motivating and necessary!" 
"Extremely valuable and useful."


Learning Activities

Alternative assignments are available if you wish to enroll as an individual
or if you do not have access to a classroom.

* Complete assigned reading in the course text. 
* View the videos that present interviews, lectures, and real-life classroom scenes. 
* Plan how to apply what you have learned in your own classroom. 
* Implement your classroom application plan. 
* Evaluate the success of your classroom implementation 
* Record the results of your evaluation on a Progress Report form.


Course Materials - All Course materials are yours to keep!

* Directions. Detailed, easy-to-follow directions that ensure a successful course  experience.
* Videotaped lessons. These professionally produced videos are designed to make the course both rewarding and entertaining. You may keep course videos for your own professional library.
* Text book (not supplied). Readings from the text both complement and expand upon the video lessons.
* Study Guide. This workbook will take you step-by-step through each of the courses learning activities.


Course Requirements

Each course is organized into 15 learning sessions . At the end of each session, you will complete a Learning Report. In these Learning Reports, you will answer four to eight questions about your learning experiences. In addition to the Learning Reports, you will submit a 6-10 page Final Paper analyzing course content and planning for its use in your teaching situation.

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