Course Numbers

Listed below are the university catalog numbers for each of our courses. All courses are for three semester units of graduate credit. Drake University EDMA credits (Educational Masters) are considered transferrable and may be transferred into the following Drake University School of Education Program: Master of Science in Teacher Effectiveness and Professional Development.

For detailed information and syllabi, please see Course Descriptions.

Teaching Students Responsible Behavior II: Social-Emotional Learning
Drake University EDMA 268:701
Andrews University EDCI 632-068

The Classroom of Choice: Managing the Learning Environment
Drake University EDMA 267:701
Andrews University EDCI 632-067

Differentiation and Literacy: Teaching Reading and Writing
Drake University EDMA 266:701
Andrews University EDCI 632-066

Introduction to Differentiation: Applying Learner-Centered Instruction
Drake University EDMA 264:701
Andrews University EDCI 632-064

Differentiated Assessment Strategies: Identifying Learners' Strengths and Needs
Drake University EDMA 263:701
Andrews University EDCI 632-063

Differentiated Instructional Strategies: Meeting the Diverse Needs of Learners <
Drake University EDMA 262:701
Andrews University EDCI 632-062

Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom: Instructional Strategies for All Students <
Drake University EDMA 261:701
Andrews University EDCI 632-061

Making Learning Meaningful: Every Student Can Succeed
Drake University EDMA 169:701
Andrews University EDCI 632-060

Introduction to Choice Theory: Teaching Students Responsible Behavior
Drake University EDMA 160:701
Andrews University EDCI 632-051

Creating a Professional Portfolio: Showcasing Your Teaching Strengths
Drake University EDMA 265:701
Andrews University EDCI 632-065

Responsibility, Respect, and Relationships: Creating Emotionally Safe Classrooms
Drake University EDMA 167:701
Andrews University EDCI 632-054

Classroom Management: Dealing with Discipline Problems
Drake University EDMA 163:701
Andrews University 632-055

Motivation and Learning: Co-Operation and the Quality Classroom
Drake University EDMA 162:701
Andrews University EDCI 632-052

Enhancing Instruction: Teaching in the Quality Classroom
Drake University EDMA 161:701
Andrews University EDCI 632-053

Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Improving Student Achievement
Drake University EDMA 166:701
Andrews University EDCI 632-057

Teaching in the 21st Century: New Solutions to New Problems
Drake University EDMA 165:701
Andrews University EDCI 632-056

Gaining Parental Support: Building Home-School Relationships
Drake University EDMA 168:701
Andrews University EDCI 632-059

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