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For international enrollees there is an additional $25.00 per order shipping charge. Payment accepted only by credit card in US funds. Videos available in DVD NTSC format only. The DVDs will play in all territories but only on NTSC equipment.

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Phone: To register by phone, please call us at 310-308-7414 from 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time Monday thru Saturday.

Online: Register using this Online Registration Form.
Mail: Print the online registration form on our website, complete it, and mail with payment to James Thompson, The Video Course, 857 Hillwood Drive, Marietta, GA 30068. Make checks payable to Quality Educational Programs, Inc.

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To qualify for group discounts, all group members must register online on the same day. In the Discount Code box on this online registration form, put GRPRATE.

All fields in the form must be filled. If you are not currently teaching please put "N/A" in the appropriate boxes.

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Drake University no longer accepts registrations from Canada. Canandian teachers are welcome to enroll in Andrews University.
Drake University EDMA credits (Educational Masters) are considered transferrable and may be transferred into the following Drake University School of Education Program: Master of Science in Teacher Effectiveness and Professional Development.
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*Maximum courses per term:
Andrews University 3 course limit.
Drake University 4 course limit.

All video programs are provided on DVDs.
You can save almost $2,000 on your choice of two online Master of Education degrees by transferring in credits earned in these courses. Would you like us to send you more information on these degree programs?
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Regular Course Fee: $350 per course.
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